Meet Ukrainian journalists, activists from Maydan!

Lastivka invites to an open meeting with Maydan activists, journalists from Ukrainske civilsamfundets Webbtvet / Спільнобачення – – Ant Berezhnyi and Dariy Simo.

They are coming to Denmark to present a movie about Maydan and share their stories. They are also bringing some real things, “artifacts” from Maydan, to show. We are working on the possibility to organise a small side exhibition (to be confirmed).

We know it is a very short notice but we hope you will be able to adjust your schedules and come to get the information from the first hand.

The participation is free of charge, but as this trip is self-sponsored, we kindly encourage you to contribute with any amount to help the activists to cover their benzin expenses.

Time: Thursday, 15.5.2014
17:00 – 19:00

Place: Cafe Zorro, Jagtvej 119.

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