Петиція до Посла Австрії в Данії

To: Ernst-Peter Brezovszky
Sølundsvej 1
2100 København,
Date: 10 February 2014
Dear Mr. Ernst-Peter Brezovszky,

We, the Ukrainian Community in Denmark and friends of Ukraine, are deeply upset and shocked with the recent events in Ukraine. As you are aware, the people of Ukraine have been struggling to rid themselves of the corrupt and violent regime of Victor Yanukovych and his political allies, namely Andrij Kljujew (current head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine), Mykola Asarow (Prime Minister of Ukraine til 27 Jan 2014).
President Yanukovych and his political allies have grossly violated human rights, as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Hundred and eighty-third plenary meeting Resolution 217(A)(III) of the United Nations General Assembly, December 10, 1948; Articles: 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 28. Yanukovych’s regime violently disperses peaceful demonstrations, organizes bloody beatings of unarmed people, and holds kangaroo courts, that throw innocent people in jail and holds political prisoners.
We ask that you, as a representative of Austria in Denmark, appeal to your government officials, including but not limited to the President and members of the Parliament, to impose immediate and irreversible individual sanctions against those responsible for the recent bloodshed, banning them and members of their families from entry into Austria.
There are numerous publications in Ukrainian and international media (please find them in the addendum to the letter) revealing existence of property and businesses in Austria which are linked to aforementioned Ukrainian officials and members of their families. The businesses and property are purchased for proceeds of corruption laundered via the international financial system through the network of shell-companies and professional intermediaries. It is also known that family members of the aforementioned Ukrainian officials hold Austrian permanent residence permits and reside in Austria.
All the facts create Austria an image of a shelter for corrupt politicians, their families and assets.
Pursuant to the international anti-money laundering standards of FATF, implemented in the EU Directives, we request the following:
1. An immediate freeze placed on all accounts of aforementioned Ukrainian officials and members of their families and the companies of which they are the beneficiaries.
2. An immediate freeze of correspondent banking accounts, used by business structures and affiliated financial institutions of aforementioned Ukrainian officials and members of their families to get access to the world finance market.
3. Revoke residence permits in Austria issued to aforementioned Ukrainian officials and members of their families.
4. Conduct changes in Austrian legislation which will prevent corrupt foreign officials along with members of their families from using Austria as a shelter for themselves and assets purchased for proceeds of corruption.
On behalf of the Ukrainian community worldwide, we thank you for your cooperation in helping to establish a democratic and corruption free form of government in Ukraine; as well as contributing to the protection of human rights.

With sincerest gratitude,
Alina Protsyk
President of Lastivka – Ukrainian Youth Organization of Denmark
mobile: 22 90 49 95
email: lastivka@lastivka.dk

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