Пікетування Австрійського посольства

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15:00 - 16:00

Østrigs Ambassade


10th of February at 15.00 we are going to picket the Austrian Embassy in Copenhagen.

The aim og demonstration is to demand introducing sanctions against Ukrainian politicians, e.g. those having property in Austria.

We invite also all our friends from other countries who want to see Ukraine as a democratic country living by European values.
Our support is important for all Ukrainians who are on Maydans now.

Join us!

  • Stop supporting money laundering
  • Kick out Azarov out off Austria
  • Kick out Klujew clan out of Austira
  • We stand for European values
  • Your neutrality supports dictatorship in Ukraine
  • We stand for Human rights
  • Ukraine needs your support
  • We demand actions
  • Stop hosting corrupt Ukrainian politicians
  • Fight corruption, support European values

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